Bio: Hi there!, My name is Pingu.Server or Pingu.Serving.You can call me pingu.Well,I am a 12 years kid who created 2 army's in the past but they were fail i made one more army called MD (Master Defenders) But this army have a progress!We max 6-9+ !But then it died,So i created an another army Dark Rangers but it was fail and i am now working on a new army i hope it will be sucess!Its name is Master Warriors. I am in other army's too.They are:DW(Dark Warriors) & ACP (Army Of Club Penguin) & Pirates. I like to chat and i type very fastly!If you wan't to talk to me I can be found in http://www.xat.com/DWarmy/ http://www.xat.com/TheACP & http://www.xat.com/CPMWarmy & xat.com/CPpirateArmy ---- My name is PinguServer (954983670) Meet me when i am not busy! ~Pingu.Server

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